How long will it take to teach my child how to swim?

The answer to this question is very complex.  The speed at which children learn (not just swimming, but any skill in life) depends on the individual.  As we know, individuals are all different and have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Learning to swim takes a great deal of coordination and will depend on things such as muscle strength, ability to listen and follow directions, comfort level, and so on.  Like anything else your child learns - the more they practice, the more they will progress.

What are your classes like?

All of our classes are taught in our indoor, heated swimming pool. Our group classes are separated by age and skill level, so that each student is able to work on the skills pertaining to their ability alongside peers of similar age.  Our group classes have a 3:1 ratio.  Parent and child classes have a 6:1 ratio. Private lessons are also available (Classes vary by location).  All lessons are 30 minutes long.

What age should I start my child in swim lessons?

The earlier you start, the more comfortable your child will be in the pool.  In turn, the more comfortable your child is, the easier it will be for them to learn the skills and progress.  We recommend starting swim lessons before the age of 2.  The youngest age we accept for swim lessons is 6 months old, in accordance with the American Red Cross.

What is a trial class?

A trial class is your first step in the registration process.  It is a full 30 minute swim lesson in a small group class.  This will allow you to see our facility, how our lessons are run, and will help you make your decision about committing to our program.  Our office staff can assist you in scheduling your trial class in person or over the phone/email.  They will need a bit of information from you in order to give you the available class times, such as child's age, prior swim skills, and contact information.  The trial class cost varies per location, but will be waived if you decide to enroll.  After your lesson, we will be able to give you feedback regarding your child's skills and what level they can enroll for as well as go over scheduling options.

Is a trial class required for every age group?

We recommend that all new students take a trial class prior to enrollment.  The purpose of the trial is to make sure all new families understand our program and structure.  If you cannot or do not want to take a trial class, you can waive your right to a trial. 

Do you teach adult classes?

Yes, we teach adults, ranging from the inexperienced to advanced swimmers. Our instructors know how to make beginners feel comfortable in the water and how to give competitive swimmers a good workout. (Classes vary by location)

How can I register for your classes?

Again, the first step in the registration process is the trial class.  You can book a trial class by calling, emailing, or stopping by in person to your Five Star Swim School location.  The office staff will assist you in finding a class time.  After your lesson, you can speak with someone at the front desk to go over your enrollment options.  You can enroll in person or over the phone once you have completed a trial class and filled out all the necessary paperwork.  If you had previously been a student, you can simply enroll over the phone.

What will we need for swim lessons?

You will need a bathing suit, goggles, and a towel.  Children that are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.  For students with long hair, we require hair to be tied back.  Swim caps are encouraged, but not required.

What equipment do you recommend for swim lessons?

We require goggles for students over the age of 2.5, due to the fact that learning to swim properly requires putting your face in the water.  Swim goggles cover the eyes only, we do not allow diving masks (which cover nose and eyes).  Better quality goggles are a good investment for learning how to swim.  You get what you pay for with cheap goggles; they are often uncomfortable, leak, or break easily.  We sell quality goggles as well as a variety of other equipment in our swim shop.
The type of swim wear that you choose is up to you and what you are most comfortable with.  As students progress to higher skill levels, we recommend jammers for boys and one piece racing suits for girls.



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