How long will it take to teach my child how to swim?

The answer depends on the individual child and what your goals are. Be open to the swim school and instructor about the questions you have and you will get your answer. Like anything else your child learns - the more they practice, the more they will progress.

What are your classes like?

All of our classes are taught in our indoor heated swimming pool. We offer small group classes, keeping a ratio of 3 registered students per instructor. Private sessions are available. 30 minute lesson.

What age should I start my child in swim lessons?

Some parents start to introduce children to aquatics as early as six months. Others start at a slightly later age. It is still easier to teach an infant rather than a four or five year old who have already built up a fear to the water.

What is a water evaluation?

We use it to determine the child's comfort level and ability in the water. It tell us what level the child would be in our program and we'll be able to place it in an appropriate weekly class. Water evaluations also allow you to see how our program works and how our classes are conducted before committing to a session.

Is a water evaluation required for every age group?

Water evaluations are required for every class except Parent/Child and Aquacise classes. However we recommend that you view one of our current classes even for the Parent/Child age group before registering so that you have a clear understanding of the class structure.

Do you teach adult classes?

Yes we are teaching adults, ranging from the inexperienced to advanced swimmers. Our instructors know how to make beginners comfortable in the water and how to give competitive swimmers a good workout.

How can I register for your classes?

We group our students by age and by ability. The way we bring new students into the program is by having them come to a water evaluation class. This evaluation can be scheduled over the phone. It lets us place your child into the proper level, and it also allows you to see how our program works and how we teach before you sign up for an entire session.

What should I bring for the water evaluation and classes?

Besides a bathing suit & towel we recommend all children to bring swim goggles. They won't get water in their eyes and can have them open underwater which increases their comfort level in the pool. Children that are not potty trained have to wear a swim diaper. For kids with long hair we recommend a swim cap or hair tie.

What equipment do you recommend for swim lessons?

For all students from Guppies and older, we require goggles.  Better quality goggles are a good investment for learning how to swim.  You get what you pay for with cheap goggles; they are often uncomfortable, leak, or break easily.  We sell quality goggles in our office.
Swimwear that is recommended, but not required would be a one piece racing suit for girls and jammers for boys.  Also a swim cap is preferred.

How many sessions are there?

Our school year is broken up into 4 sessions - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. A session can be joined at any time.

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