When it comes to mastering skills, consistency is key! If one is attending swim class weekly, year round, they are likely to advance quickly.

Upon moving up a level, our students receive not only a cute certificate, but a boost to their self esteem as well! The confidence students experience from advancing encourages them to continue excelling in their swimming classes.

Most parents enroll their children in swim lessons during the spring and/or summer time to prepare for fun water activities. Other parents skip summer lessons under the impression that they are not needed because the child will be swimming in outdoor pools all season. Come winter time, some parents avoid swimming all together because they believe it may cause their child/children to become sick. Unfortunately, these beliefs are not necessarily true and will not produce outstanding results.

If one attends swim classes only one season a year, they may advance in that period only to lose all of their progress the following year. Lack of improvement can be discouraging to students and may cause them to consider giving up on swim lessons. Educated swimming is an important skill that could save a life and should be focused on more than once a year.

While a student who participates in swim lessons three out of four seasons is more likely to advance compared to one who attends only one season annually, there are still downsides to this inconsistency. It is true that children are exposed to more pools and water activities in the summer time, but how much of that time is spent truly practicing skills? Visiting local swimming pools or other bodies of water encourages children to have lots of fun and play games. We understand the importance fun, but we are also aware that this will most likely cause the student to regress.

Contrary to popular belief, swimming in the colder months does not make your child more susceptible to illness. In fact, the participation in physical activity supports the immune system, making our students less likely to become ill so long as they leave the facility dried off. Our indoor pools are heated to 90 degrees year round and provide a comfortable oasis for your child/children to improve their swimming technique no matter the weather! 

When considering registering for a full year of swim lessons, one will also consider how much it is going to cost them. Fortunately, each of our locations regularly offers promotional prices and our Edison location offers special pricing for year round lessons. If you take advantage of this $960 deal, you will save $336 on 48 weeks of lessons! This is a considerably great price for something that will benefit your loved one for the rest of their life. Contact the location nearest you for more information!