Level 1

This class teaches children basic water safety and introduces them to the basics of front crawl with rollovers. Kicking with the kickboard and back floating are also taught as well as elementary backstroke.

Level 2

Children in this level continue to practice basic front crawl with rollovers, swimming longer distances eventually without the instructor's assistance. Other skills acquired in this class are unassisted kicking on the back and streamlining.

Level 3

In this level children are introduced to side breathing and are taught the complete front crawl. Proper backstroke is also introduced and both strokes are practiced for better endurance. With good stamina kids will learn how to tread water.

Level 4

Students continue to improve their front crawl and backstroke, while swimming longer distances. At this level we introduce breaststroke and various endurance building techniques.

Level 5

This level is designed for students who are capable of swimming correct front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke comfortably and are ready for butterfly. To prepare them for a more competitive environment, the students swim continuous laps and practice flip turns.