Seahorse 1 

This class prepares children to be safe in the water with the comfort of their parent close by. Children learn the skills of floating, light submersion, basic arm and leg movements and sitting jumps through songs and games as they gradually get more comfortable in an aquatic environment.

During Seahorse 1 classes only one parent is allowed in the water.

Supported back float
Light submersion (sideways)
Head submersion
Introduction to front float
Leg movements
Assisted toy retrieval (surface, under water)
Sitting jumps (with support)

Seahorse 2 

This class is designed to be a mix of Seahorse 1 and Guppies 1. It will have less singing with stronger focus on skill development. Parents will still be in the water; however instructors will be more hands on.

During Seahorse 2 classes only one parent is allow in the water.

Will soon be ready to sit on the step without parent.
Instructor should work with parent, eventually teaching on his/her own.

Light face submersion
Supported glide
Rollovers and back floats
Arm movements
Assisted kicking
Assisted jumps

When that goal is reached the child can move to Guppies 1.

Seahorse FAQ

At what age should I enroll my child in swim lessons?
We begin lessons at 6 months old in accordance with the American Red Cross. The earlier children are introduced to
water, the easier it will be for them to learn how to swim as they grow.

Is the temperature of the water safe for babies?
The ideal temperature for infant swimming is between 85 - 92 degrees. We keep our pool at 90 degrees to ensure comfortable water for babies and parents.

Do I have to go in the pool with my child?
Yes, a parent or other responsible adult will be in the water for all Seahorse classes. In addition to being an introduction to the water, this class is designed to be a bonding experience. Please note that no more than one adult may go in the water per child. If both parents, or other family members, would like to participate we recommend alternating who will attend the class with the child each week. Other adults are permitted to watch the class from the pool deck.

Should I feed my child before the lesson?
Please do not feed your child less than 1 hour before swimming to allow time to digest. Children will likely be hungry after their lesson; it is smart to be prepared with a snack and drink. Please no food on the pool deck.

What is your swim diaper policy?
All children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper. In addition, the child should wear a bathing suit over the swim diaper.

What if my child cries?
Every child is different, some will cry when they enter the pool and some will not. If your child cries, it is important to stay calm, acknowledge their fear, and reassure your child that they are safe. Usually after the first few lessons the child will become comfortable in the environment and begin to enjoy swim lessons. It is advised to continue bringing your child to swim lessons, even if they cry. Delaying or discontinuing the lessons will reinforce the child’s fear, making it harder to overcome as the child grows up.

Where can I change my child after class?
We have fully equipped lockers rooms with changing stations in both the men’s and women’s. We also have a private changing room. There shall be no changing of clothes or diapers on the pool deck out of courtesy for all patrons as well as mandated by the Board of Health.

What will my child learn?
The focus of the Seahorse class is getting your baby acclimated to the water. Children will learn floating, light submersion, basic arm and leg movements, and sitting jumps with the help of their parent and instructor. Fun songs are incorporated into the lessons. These classes also encourage parental bonding and social interactions.