In the Guppies level, children are grouped by age categories and placed in skill-appropriate levels, and the student-to-instructor ratio is [3:1]. 

Level 1

In this class, children acquire water confidence while developing basic swimming techniques. Skills taught include water submersion, short unassisted glides, and assisted back-floating

Enter and exit the pool safely
Blowing bubbles under the water with good air exchange
Assisted front and back float
Introducing rollovers
Short glides
Standing jumps feet first into the water
Assisted underwater dive to retrieve rings
Introducing front crawl arm movements

Level 2

In this class, children build upon the skills they learned in level 1. They'll learn new techniques, including rollovers, kicking on their back and front with a kick-board, and the elementary backstroke.

Front glide (longer distance)
Flutter kicking on back with a flotation device
Elementary backstroke

Level 3

At this level, children refine their swimming skills with rollovers, unassisted kicks, and the ability to cover longer distances.

Unassisted swim with rollovers and arms
Streamlining with kicking
Introduction to front crawl & back crawl
Jump and swim
Trading water

When that goal is reached, the child can progress to Dolphins. It's an exciting step in their swimming journey!


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